Thursday, January 31, 2013

hey hectic 2013

Assalamualaikum dan salam 1 Malaysia.
hiiikkksss okay tak perlu nak macam tu sangat :p so.......

heeyyyylloowwwwww eberiibodehh ! happy end of year ! happy new year ! happy birthday farina ! eh?? YES ! the last update was on 22nd of november 2012 ! can you believe it? how can i didn't write anything since that? NO ! its actually, how can i didn't write anything for my birthday? this is UNacceptable ! lulz hahaha well its such a hectic year, yes, a hectic new year.
well, 2012 is way too fast to be end. yes,sadis.. its 2013 now and i'm getting older. as everyone is wishing 2013 to be nice to 'em.. i wish 2013 is not my troublesome year. stop right now please. jaebal :( i got enough with those news.. mak...... T____T get well soon.. ina sayang mak.. mak sihat la.. mak jangan lupe makan.. i wish i can be there for you as u always beside me since baby.. mak there's nothing in this world can be exchange for your deeds..sobss.. and atok, please be strong... i know its hard for you..and you should know that its hard for us too.. all of us need to be strong to endure this. i, myself hope everything will be smooth after this.. in shaa Allah.. doakan yang terbaik untuk mak , untuk atok dan untuk semua. (argghh afk nanges)
okay sudah2 lah tu.. bersyukur lah ape ade.. ade orang yang nasibnya lagi teruk dari awak, farina.. -__-
thats explained why i'm not into this blog and other social networks.. and even my phone.. it's been hard for me.. im sorry.
and to those wish my birthday on facebook, phone and so on.. thanks. :) yg bg hadiah.. thanks.. tak rasa akan ada birthday celebration. tak rasa perlu di rai pun.. im 21 now. hey new world ! doakan yang baik2 je lah yer..
by the cant just hope for everything to be always fine. because we need some lil bad time to grow up. ayat boleh bertaburan pada ketika ini.. maaf. memang baca blog ni mampu buat sakit kepala. aku sendiri pun.. urrgghhh -___-
i wish i can write better than this.sobs.

till next time.

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