Thursday, November 22, 2012

Assalamualaikum.. annyeong haseyo~

okay korang rindu aku tak? rinduu taaakk? rindu ke taakk? TAK? okbai !! -w- hahaha naaahh JK :) sihat semuanya? Alhamdulillah ^__^ 
heard some good news today. but still don't have any confirmation yet.. or im the one who left behind.untold? errrrr mkkaayyy i'm gonna do some investigation on it.. 
okay next ! have you watched unfold? well they even have part 2 now, its on jinnyboytv youtube ! go and watch 'em.. the video made me so touched ! T_______T *banjir* ( tak rajin nak embed so pergi cari sendiri :p )
next ! okay haruslah ~~ memang takde penyusunan isi dalam blog post saya, teruk, dan saya faham. strangeyna's blog more likely post craps all the time. no doubt -w- cisss!! but you still reading so yeah :p
ouh ! i have special request ! i missed flip phone like crazy.. and i want to have one.. i repeat, i WANT to have one.. and please the one with cute features on it.. like LG lollipop? Hello Kitty Q7 ? maybe? well anything, its hard to get one now since its android and smart phone era.. ya know what i mean~

me, myself don't fancy with everybody does. tak suka sama dengan semua orang. tak best ! nak lain, nak eye catching.. and thats the reason i used HTC ChaCha in purple,which is limited edition warnanya, tapi its not that hard to get pun actually hahaha tapi orang tak teringin pun nak pakai phone macam tu, pelik.. lol.. and thats what i like ~

well i think thats it for now.. love to post some serious stuff and worth reading but i guess.. ermm im not like that? hahaha lol.. next time then. 


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