Tuesday, October 30, 2012

♛ ME-andthesadstoryofmine-BIGBANG ♛

i've been not writing blog for like...forever !! thumbs up  farina ! lol...
okay, hello guys ! annyeonghaseyo~ jal jinesseoyo? hope you guys doing great ! for me? im fine.. still being affected by galaxy alive tour by BIGBANG !
ehemm.. i know its weird.. but i feel more hurt because i cant go to the concert.. hurt more than JBs concert.. but in this case im not lock myself up in the room.. i've grown up okay ! xD and yes THANK YOU to other VIPs who uploaded pictures and videos.. help a lot yeah.. and live update too !! i was just on my twitter to get live update for the concert.. thanks technologies.! and because of live update, i got tweetlimit as well, thanks twitter -___-'
i've been follow on every mission, stuff for bigbang for few month before the concert.. yeahh..the collection for bus,mission blue,TOP birthday mission and so on.. errrhmmm well  not bought much, just a few stuff like handfan tshirt touch&go.. lulzz.. ! don't ask me anything about it..kyaaaaa !!! i would love-like-insist-need to buy everything BUT i shouldn't let myself bankrupt at some point.. and the point i wasn't going is the strongest reason..(please headshot me!)
here some picture for you guys.. incase you don't know BigBang.. hahahhaha LOL (headshot yourself for that) -sorryforbeingsarcasticforsomereasononlyvipsknow- :p

the mission


 BLUE SEA misson SUCCESS !!! VIPs daeebaakk !!

and for videos.. there's thon of it !! but this is one of all i love, 1st video i watch ! heeeeee credit on picture and video.. ^__^


kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! and i am T.O.P bias ! yes.. obviously with that manly man.. omo ^w^
for those who just cant get enough of thissssss please visit here for more picture click here!!! and for more videos please visit here and here for youtube playlist and do subscribe BBWorld TV ! just click 'em all would you?! lol okayy #nuffsaid

till next post
annyeongg ~

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