Sunday, December 4, 2011

Assalamualaikum for everyone who passes by.. or about to start reading :P

its December ! so means more than 2month i've been away from blogging.. i missed it ! really, keep post how much i miss my blog on my twitter.. and i'd tried to update using BB but the line was too slow and i hate to type on keypad..its harder !

of course, there's a lot of story.. it's been 2month by the way. since my brother took away the PC so i lost the change to update my blog and yeah i didnt teach myself to write when there's people around.. i choose to be alone by myself writing blog.. know what i mean.. and i attend to write on a book and re-type here but it never works out that way.. because i use different sentence all the time ! ( i admit it was the hardest part duuh =,=')

sadly, we passed the season of Raya Haji, SEA game and yeah a lot of season.. if i can update the blog i bet there would be more than 5 post till now.. ok lets start !

this is for Raya Aidiladha /Raya Haji / Raya Korban
i take the videos of korban lembu.. it's hard.. and i couldn't stand for some lil time
i was afraid actually but try to act cool while recording the video HAHA and did you know that it's hard as hell to record a video if you never did that ! mostly in silent mode.. miahaha.. what i mean is you have to be silence while you are recording and i dont have any idea on how does videographer can stand from not scream nor talking while they're recording.. i cant stand for that !!

ok and here's some of the picture from Raya Korban :)

not much since im sleepy so i would like to post this first.. :)
thank you for reading

till then,

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