Monday, October 3, 2011

make me a better person :)

okay dearest reader yang saye sayang ~ thanks for actually read this.. heehhook~ (tah ape suke sgt buat bunyi keldai.. ignore it ):p

last update is during the fasting month doesn't it? okay way too far for like a month +++ ? jyeah even raya is done itself.. so how was everything? for me, its something different i might say.. raya yang amat bermakna xD with alot of friend around me.. raya dengan orang yang berbezaa and i met a lot of new people in my life.. yet again i'm blessed ! dan saye banyak TER TER dalam diri saye.. lalalalla~ i know mijah is well known about this.. and ayed too.. asek TER TER je kerja sa kan ! wakakakka ni few of gambar raya :D
this is cucu cicit hj.Yahya ! ok masing2 mmg over ! :D
in a line to bersalaman sempat tergedik snap2 HAHA xD
with mak ayah akk2 dan ank buah xD ok ni la mak saye :)
blessed raya ! :D
my family :)
beraya umah cekgu ! heeehhookk~ :p
beraya umah kawan~ :) kami konvoi taw :D

ok now.. i've made apple pie myself ! not to buy from mcD or something sort like that, all by myself ! start with mama asking me to do it.. it's like a challenge ! well you know mama said ' ina why not you make an apple pie with this apple since takde sape nak makan apple ni ?' so my mom is asking like i'm well known about it ! yeah ! so this is what happened, i googled ! youtube ! and stuff ! okay and i've made the apple pie myself ! hello~ i got the talent ! xD ok fine wajib la puji dri sendri lalalalala~ ok this is how it turns out for the first time :D sekarang dah x jadi first time la since asek buat je.. naek muak makan ! lala maceh~

semalam ! engagement day for my cousy feeza or EJ for short .. :D akhirnyaaa ! congratulation and cant wait for you to get married sebenarnya la EJ.. ! and i've made cupcakes for hantaran aww ♥ ok for first time guna fondant as my cupcakes topping.. mls nk buat icing nor buttercream ! but fondant are fine too even for the first time.. ramai puji dan saye teruje ! ahahhaha the event done smoothly ~ alhamdullilah.. EJ dah jadi tunang orang.. elok2 la perangai tu sikit wakakaka (obviously menganjing wakakakakkaaka xD) and to abg.mat jage la EJ tu baek2~ kawen la cepat ! ina x sabar nk glam2 time wedding korang nanti HAHA !
tu kerja tangan saye ! maceh~ so how ?? :D
congratulation EJ and abg.Mat ! xD
ni citenyer amek berkat :p lalala HAHA!

and about myself ! i cut my hair short ! i did this and that~ im searching for part time job, going to interview and stuff~ falling in love with CNU from B1A4~ wakakaka and i've made cornrows style on my hair, just like CNU ! (ok see how i am really in love with CNU ! wakakaka) ok and last for only 3 days! lalalala~ happy more than i used to.. what more? well the HS5 is dull in i'm still playing it. lalalala or i should i just AFK for the whole time i on.. ok sounds sad isn't it? haha nevermind, trying to make myself more busy and i'll be fine :D jaii yokk farinaa !

ok see ! tengok rambut please :p (mcm dye tgok saye kan kan? :p aww i'm melting~)
ok this is before and after picture.. that is cornrows and next to it is ape jd after bukak ikatan cornrows tu~ ok after 3 days~ yablaaaa curly~

ok thats about it ! simpleeeeeeeee and done ! lame x update memang susah nk cerita semua tapi yang penting....... semuaaa happy ! ouh happy happy day ~~!

till then,
muacccckkksss ! ^_^v

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