Tuesday, August 2, 2011


hs5 , battle , b.combo , 210bpm , task . and i need to be the WINNER ! focused mood !
fokus fokus fokus !! dan tetiba *blingblingbling* nampak orang tu online.. ok stay fokus sebab nak menang punye pasal haha.. *blingbling* tulesan kuning keluar means pm from someone XD "#69" "kawen jom" dangggg ! gila terkejut berterabur segala key abes lah sampai key lvl 1 pon kantoi hammbeeekk ! penangan sangat kuat disitu, sebab baru lepas tulis kat blog pasal kawen, macam kena heart attack dah aku ni haa.. HAHA so i finished the task and direct go to place to announce 'us' as couple :D

ok now let's flashback................... !

were friend. i know him and he knows me.. long story short , become closer cause always hang around in game even wc together . no one might thought that but we wc people ! before we even meet in real. we still keep in touch even we're not in same guild like we used to.. on one precious day, i suddenly got an idea to couple with him since i already know him and yeah i thought it wouldn't be so hard between us to get along as a couple (i know it sounds weird but who cares? this is game dude !) so i told him about it and he agreed ! (see, not that hard right? LOL haha :P). we get married ! as written on my previous post sweet ♥~ he quit game so we divorced and when he back to the game, we're back together again but then sumthing sortstupidkinddastuff happen and we broke up ! and now...............
what a blessed task i've been doing that time, got that kind of pm from someone who's giving full attention to nekoChan everytime online the game :D HAHA thank you so much for your time SeXgaNaZ :)
latest, we are planning on getting married 'again' HAHA :D and i hope it would be the last :')

iloveyou ~ ♥

to love someone deeply gives you strength, being loved by someone deeply gives you courage
-Lao Tzu

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