Thursday, August 11, 2011

♥~please let it be reality

congratulation tu us ! we're married ! ok in game :D 6th august is the date :')
SeXgaNaZ is nekoChan's husband and nekoChan is SeXgaNAZ's wife :D
ok lets the picture do the the talking..

yeay ! ily yer #69
sayam, sa mo naek kapal tu ingat taw ! #68

___♥ok sa ngada tapi sa sayang dia♥___

ok , on 7th august McDonaLD guild in HS5 going to break fast together :D what a bless day can hang out with member se'guild' or i prefer FAMILY :D

ok gambar sa ngan alep dlu wkwkwkwk :p

yeahh sott ! xD
happy tgk korang senyum oii #43
haha ok sa dah rindu ! v.v

thats all for now
♥~please let it be reality :D


Ah Long said...

waaa semoge kekal neko from ShArk

farina said...

aa kekal lam game hehe