Sunday, July 31, 2011


hello everyone :)

I've been trying to post something down here...but guess what? my mind blows up away~ and I lost my words ! yeeeaaaayyy #89 niesa and mijah sayam sila sorak !! wkwkwkwkw #65

okay 1st thing in a game nekoChan is with SeXgaNaZ again.. i was going to HS5 anniversary party which is launched (eemm launched?) at i-cafe Times Square and it was fun ! meet up with other player...lepak2-ing ! aiyyerrr best sangat..! :D tengok2 gambar. (which i can't upload =,=)

ok thats all about the game :)

today is such a bored day for me ! so damn sleepy and when i woke up things getting dull and more dull so I googled about random stuff included my moms 'gerai'... aa gerai ok ! try search it yourself Mak Aji Catering on google ! there's some blogger mention about it.. some comment and recommended to their readers and stuff.. yeaa enjoy reading it haha :D there's some minus point too ! ok biase lah.. tapi sumpah funny... XDDD gelak2 aku bace and plus.. who might that be angin pus pus sort stuff? wahahahahha ok thats the place i've been working all this time.. tempat sa cari ketenangan..o.O ok tempat sa gelak2 nyanyi2 dan sebagainya :D lovelovelove the place so much ! seribu satu kenangan ! :)

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Hafis Lawri said...

mende plok mu nih...hahaha