Thursday, July 14, 2011

little piece of mind error :P

hello there :)

i am so in a mood today to update my blog ngaaaa XD not like the last time aha sorry.. annoying kan post tu? lalalala~ memang mood tak baik pada ketika itu, harap maklum. :p

today's topic is.... are you ready to married early? my answer is NO ! i'm not ready to get married and mostly to someone i completely don't know ! it's not like i can't committed with marriage but i cant even think about it right now.. =,=
and i don't want to talk about it !! aaaahhh can i just off the topic ? it makes me sick =,= and i'm not giving a single hint why i made this as a topic this time.. >,


i felt sick T^T vomit everything that i ate (not because of the previous topic lol) hmm i'm not sure why.. it's not just me,my cousin and my niece also got the same problem here... =,= vomiting make me tired.. ouh please, whyyyyyy :(


btw, here's some picture.. enjoy :) Cameron Highlands & Pangkor Island

strawberries :D
Pangkot- sunset
Pangkor :D
aaaaaaa sawah padi? i'm not sure where aiyerr =,=
cameron :)

that's all for this post :)

till then,

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