Friday, May 6, 2011

wow! double wow!

salam all~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

wahai si locked mijah nyetnyet galak ko update blog oii !! jelez nihh wkwkwkwk #65

ok back to the topic! my wish do come true! remember on the previous post? ' how much i wish i could talk to him right now'..?? the next day of the post (well at least) we did talk to each other on a phone call.!!
i'm glad because my wish came true but are you stalking me on my blog?! i wonder~
hahha nothing to worry about it anyway... i can say i miss him LOL <<<< ngegeh kitak yo!
yes happy dapat cakap dengan dia tapi........sampai takat tu je rasenye.. let bygone be bygone~
( diam!! , saya tengah sorok perasaan saya ni! XDD ) well you guys know how hard it is for me but i am a strong girl! yeaaaahh!! farina boleh!! yeayeaaaaahh~!!

ok off the topic-------------------------------------------------------

i start playing game back again! ahahah since pc formated and the internet 'alive'.. o.O ahahahaha paham2 sudah~ yes again to game.. kaki game memang gini gamaknyer! lekat jugak even tak kerap.. tapi mesti ade! kalau dah quit pon game ni mesti ade game lain back-up! am i right all the gamers? o.O

i want to make a post with a picture but unfortunately my pc is '0' yes, no interesting picture of me or game nor from my baby.. so yeaahhh it's quite dull! sebab memang secara jujurnya saya pon nak baca blog yang ada gambar even sikit!!

picture does give the attraction here!

siler bace walaupun tak ade gambar! thank you~

btw, saya suka tanda seru! yes!

p/s; confession here, mijah and niesa~~ iloveyousomuch!! yeaaahh <3

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LOCKED said...

yeayeayea saya membawa virus nmpknya ! xD wkwkwkwk next weeeekkkkkkkk yeah ! #52