Monday, May 2, 2011

Big May!

May ouh may! i love May!!
the reason is because it's spell M-A-Y and that make it sounds may anyway XD
and i am going to a vacation to Kuching on 12th may this year of course !! and i cant wait for that!! meet up with LOCKED eeemmm si mijahh and awin (if i could).. ouh yes x sabar nak jumpaaaaaaaa!!! wish we can make it happen :)
19th may is 1 year anniversary for me and Brian! (if we're still together anyway) that very 1st moment i say yes, everything's change when we're together..
ouh how much i miss him right now... =,=
and and 24th of may is Brian's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY sayang :) i know it's too soon for it but yea i want to be the 1st person anyway ahahahha!
ouh how much i wish i could talk to him right now.. =,=
OMB i'm so stuck!!! stuck in the moment since the 1st time we say 'hi' to each other.. :') ouh memories~ what can i do about it..~ that's all i got here.. the memories ~~

nothing more since i'm online at my bro's and i have to go...
till then,

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LOCKED said...

i miss my teenage dream huwaaaaa t.t yes xlama lg jumpa neko ! ♥