Sunday, April 24, 2011

what else can make me happy?

jin, u did a great job and this vid deserve to be the most popular vid for music on youtube XD congrats!
and you are so lucky because JB tweet this video :D
[u guys can just click at the video and blablabla to get to the channel ok? :)]

hey heeeyyyy the concert is over.. over there days ago.. ok [o.O]
since i dont want to remind myself that i didn't go =,= that's a lame.. i can't even accept the fact that i'm not going ahahahahahahahahaha! ok stop laughing.. =,=
[ muke habis ketat dah doe minah ni! sumpah over! XP]
watched the video taken by Desya the concert video! thank you so much uploading the video! really appreciated it! i'm less upset when i know i still can watch how was the concert going :)
i am subscribing! and added her too heee XD really loves you because of the video !! ahah! so

ok click one of those link.. or click all as you wish because it's the same link ok? ahaha ! :p
seems like i watched the video everyday.. duhh life is bored! but i love to see JB everyday :)
ehemm ehemm i've been talking about someone else channel and forget about mine oppsss! yes u can add or subscribe to my channel, it's not a big deal but sorry because i didn't upload any videos. but u still can add if u want to :) click here strangeyna

till we meet again :)
hugs and kisses [^w^]

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