Monday, December 20, 2010

turn back and say hey~

hey there

i pronounce that i cancel all the give away stuff! because yea, as you can see there's no one comment on my previous post and i'm sorry because i don't have enough time to fancy with all those things too... okay fair right?! i will make it after i'm done with my graduation day and blablabla~

i was going to my host family's house.. enough to release the pent-up longing.. but quite miss 'em already.. ahha miss you guys a lot!!

something is going to be more better than it should be.. thank you for everything.. i love you and i miss you so much.. my Brian Richardson i love you so much always and forever :)

there's nothing much till i'm done with graduation..
please do wait and sorry..
till then,
hugs and kisses ^^v

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