Tuesday, February 8, 2011

goodbye hiatus

assalamualaikum and heyy everyoneee~~ (^,^)

long hiatus, i know.. goodbye my sweet nightmare~ i'm back with the strongest way to complete myself..woaaahh!! say hye to the not-really new Farina! i cant change completely in a sec so yea 'not-really new' okay? XD

okay! update from the last time, this going to be a long and a very long post (supposed to be) XD.. to be honest, it's hard for me to remind everything that happened.. i try my best because there's a lot.. i mean A LOT of the stories and whatsoever it is.

the graduation day!!
i've been talking about it before, right? yeaa the best day ever.. on that graduation's day,it's not only for Giatmara Bangi but colabrate with 3 other Giatmara around here Hulu Langat.. and for sure i don't know anyone of them AT ALL.. erkk X( BUT the best part is... when the emcee's calling for me to get upstairs guess what?? huh!! i got a tons of claps.. ahahaha even though i don't know them and that is so obvious because i am the only person who got that tons of claps and everyone was talking about i got a lot of fans out there ahahahha my mom shocked because all the claps i got.. ahaha i don't have any idea why lol.. the best claps thanks everyone eheh XD my mom keep pop-ups about the same thing when talking about my graduation days lol.. the best muack!

huge fight! with the one i love the most (none family area) o,O
huge fighting with my love Brian and everything was screwed up, yeah i mean really EVERYTHING.. huge impact for me, lots of tears, hates and whatsoever that i could lost that time... hard for me, hard for him (or maybe not)..
back to the normal mood, getting together yet again and there you go,my birthday is around the conner (that time).. spend a bit of time talking and chatting with him that night, when morning comes, i lost him again.. what i mean here is, he's ignoring me back again... and i don't know why and i don't want to know why.. disappointing mood for 3 days because of that until i made up my mind that we shouldn't be together now, i cant and maybe i'm just not ready for this anymore.. it scared me when it comes about to get hurt again by love.. and made up changes that i know it's going to give him a big impact for himself as well.. even it's hurting me,i'm still with my ego my decision my mind and i just don't care anymore about what is going to be afterward.. pfft~ i got the strength and yea i used it all.. to be honest he is still in my heart, still the only one, the everything but for now i cant be together with, i'm so afraid.. so it's better this way.. i love him always and forever.. dear Allah, if he is not the one for me, please give me strength to love the mr.right but if we really meant to be together,please help me to trough all the pain for him.. if he is the one for me, i won't stop being strong for the love that we've share.. (one by one tears out of my eyes, hoping to feel more better about this T___T ) i miss him a LOT! :(

my birthdaaaaaayyyy~!!
there's really nothing actually on the day of 19th january just going out,self driving to jusco with my twinny cousin rabee.. i love you angah! muack! we really made something that time right? thank you for always be there for me.. appreciated it a lot.. all the wishes from call, text, fb, f2f singing , blog , game and blablabla.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
birthday party on 22nd january,
everyones that comes THANK YOU! for all the present i got THANK YOU!! for all the cheers you guys bring THANK YOU! the memories THANK YOU !!! THANK YOU!!! i don't know how can i thank you guys but really THANK YOU!!!!!! it's a blast to have all of you with me! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

game addiction is starting!
since too depressed, i start playing games again to makes me feel better and it is making me felt more better, knowing knew person as sister lil brother and stuff.. and i enjoyed it! a lot! addict again ahax XD and yea i became a bit more pro than before.. wkwkwkwkwkw well at least there's achievement.. wakakaka XD

life now!
working with my moms, baby sitter, games, reload the phone once in a 2 weeks, charge once in a two days and sometimes 3 days.. XD talking with everyone that came across me lol and flirting sometimes.. wkwkwkwkw just flirting but still not interested to have the replacement.. the love i got for brian is too strong.. i cant just put away and say goodbye to the love cause i know i will always remain myself loving him..

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