Monday, December 6, 2010

huh?have a give away?

salam 1 Malaysia untuk semua readers.. ^^

untuk mase yang agak lame baru aku menulis semula.. memang susah sebenarnyer kalau dah tinggalkan walaupun kejap, susah nak tulis balik.. hehehe sampai rase macam memang dah cukup banyak mase ni baru la nak tulis kan.. dah bersawang pon blog aku..fuuhh fuhhh~~~
ouh anyway, i'm fully recovered now! better and more better but it was about to happen again like shit but then i got the courage from no-where like yeah it cause me heartless ahaha it is A BIT.. LOL
ok since i take a very very very long time to update.. here some what i've been doing all day and some cute stuff for u guys out there.. cant wait?? ahaha u have to wait if u want some cutey stuff for free.. hehehehe ^^v this is how i noticed my beloved readers and get along with them better..
there would some guest to come here (my house) and yea me and my sis in law have to make something for our beloved guest tummy.. ehehe so yea we're making lasagne.. emm yummy isn't it? we made it in two choices which is seafood and meat.. emmm double yuummy~ ehehe and for the dessert i made a moist chocolate cupcakes.. emmm :p nyum nyum~ okay a picture of it?? yea sure! ahaha please give me some comment that sound sounds like 'yummyy~~' or at least 'nom nom nom,i'm eating it all' ahahaha would you? and yea that is a part of getting something cutey stuff from me.. okay? i promise for that ^__^v

hey farina! what did u mean by something cutey stuff up there?? okay the answer is... it's secret! ahahaha i'll buzz u guys in a new entry for the give away.. remember the 1st steps is comment to this entry just the way i ask just now or even better with more cooler words.. and yea the rest would be on my next entry.. emmm what do you think the cutey stuff is?? ahahahaha comment 1st, more would be so much interesting okay?

that's just it..
till then

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