Monday, November 22, 2010

felt sick


i fully healed emm around 3days ago from fever flu and stuff~ but yea i'm felt sick back..... honestly, i'm worried bout my hubby, i didn't sleep, i didn't rest, i didn't eat... everything.. =,= the conclusion is...i'm worried to death.fullstop! hell weak right now plus i was crying like stupid lil kids.. duuhhhhh dont ask why.. sometimes, it's just the right time to all out the crying and everything.. KAN??

when it comes about my hubby, i'll put all my concern on him! 100% on him! nothing nor no one else but HIM!!! get it?? yea, i'm all about him anyway~ =,=
i know i shouldn't really put him on top.. but yea, that is what my heart guide me..=,=

nevermind~ ignore it all~~~~~~

just done vomit.. really weak now.. emmmmm urrgghhhhhhhhhh i want sleep, i want rest... i hope i can have a nice sleep tonight.. tapi tak rasa macam boleh tido je.. letak badan penat ni macam mane pon, masih lagi tak dapat lelapkan mata nie.. alahai.. kenape lah~

aku sendiri tak faham sebenarnyer..
hubby ku Brian sayang... i miss you to death.. =,= i love u and i 'm worried bout you and you know.. i need you more right now.. i wish you here with me sayang.. T___T

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