Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the only crestfallen

disappointment is on the top of her head,
the hottest and the top-pest topic she think of,
disappoint with herself, people and things,
she know she won't be happy for her entire life and she's deal with it,
jokes are funny sometimes but it's causing hurts afterward,
favouring with those promise won't last long,
just last for only when they remember it,
when the time comes to take her away,
all this disappointment will go with her,
she's hiding a lot of her emotion, enough to make herself carried away,
tears is her best mate, never try to cheating on her,
always make her feels better but never on her disappointment,

dear person, she need you to be with her ,enjoy her laugh and persuade her tears.

p/s: own writing, i am disappointed! don't copy =,=

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