Friday, November 5, 2010

rasa sayang hey~

rasa sayang hey~
rasa sayang sayang hey~~ (semangat je aku nyanyi kan.. wkwk)

ouh by the way, hola people!! ^__^ <-----------------------i look happy, didn't i? :p

since i'm learning to speak in Spanish now through online, i mean free learning Spanish online ok? my words is messed up ahahaha whatever, it's quite fun actually, not just learning the words but they teach you how to pronounce it too.. how worth it???? so much worth!! ngahahaha it is ok, even now, i know how to say i want to go to the movies or, i'm sorry or i have to take a cab to the store tomorrow.. ouh well, i'm still in learning progress which is only for a couple day till today, but yea i can speak quite well but ahah the problem is, i am so ashamed to say it in front of my hubby, since yea he'll laugh at me 1st before he correct me.. lol ok don't blame him since i was like that too when the time he want to learn Malay.. ngeeeeEeee~ XD
ok let me teach you some, just a simple words, but yea i'm a newbie too, don't try to be cruel then eheh..

hello - hola
bye bye - adios
good morning - buenos dias
good afternoon - buenas tardes
good evening / night - buenas noches
how are you? - como esta (usted)?
fine - bien
i'm sorry - lo siento
i want to go to the restaurant - quiero ir a un restaurante

okay, just that, i'm so lazy to type anyway ngaaaa XDD sorry but you guys can learn too by click here! then you guys can learn just like the way i am now.. it is so helpful anyway.. ^__^ try it!

**for your information in Canada, they are using Spanish as their major language.. did u know that?? that is why i have to learn to speak in Spanish, since it's my dream to live in there one day.. ^__^ (with my hubby for sure..hihi *blushing XD)

ouh okay, secondly, i got new hair!!! i mean i dyed my hair.. whuahauahuahuahaaaaaa for deepavali!!! ^___^ owww yeaaahhh~ terbaek bukan?? ngahahahaha aku satu Malaysia.. memang sambut deepavali pon ok! got a problem,punk? lol
here it is.. tengok puas2 warne tu elok2.. wahahaha

okay ke tak? kalau tak ok, diam2 jew la... takde aku nak tukar colour tu balek..ngahahaha.. i got a great compliment from yeah 3-5 person which is very membina.. wkwkwkwk but i wont write it here, nanti korang cakap aku poyo..wakakaka ok ok... i start to talk craps now.. muahaha

ok last but not least, te amo por siempre hubby! ummwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa XDD

p/s: entry ini dibuat dengan penuh kasih sayang untuk Brian.. ehehehe peace! ^^v

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