Wednesday, October 6, 2010

my mood day off

hello there,

i'm having the worst fever ever right now.. coughing like hell,it's my fault since i drank lychee 5-6 days ago.. stupid hatred flu and sneezing like urrgghh =,=.. the body temperature making me feel like the hottest in town, i bet it is since it's too hot.. duuuhhh my head about to explode with full of pain and migraine..
n the worst is everyone adding it with some annoying behave, spoiling the whole mood, making me lost my appetite and everything seems like killing me.. now, it's about to dealing with blood, so not my things, i'm failed of this.. seriously so yea i feel like jump to the wall, didn't get to the next door but just get so much pain..
thank to everyone that spoiling my mood, and thanks to no one that persuade me, yea there's no one actually persuade me just let me with my sickness mood thingy.. now, i feel alone, i try to be always there when they need me and now, there's no one with me when i actually need them.. hmm let it be, i will be fine by myself and if anyone with kind hearted would pray for my health to be heal soon sooner and soonest, that would be just great..
thank you and now i'm dealing with myself.. =,=

sometime i feel like i am so selfish.. as you can read what i was write just now.. i might hurt someone by saying i'm alone.. i know.. but i still want to write it since that is what i felt when i was writing it.. early in the morning with a very bad mood, thats how i sounds like.. i sound to hurt someone or everyone.. ehhee actually my mood about to getting better.. thanks to hubby, even after i said some hurt things to him.. ehhhee ouh well, im too sensitive when i'm not feeling well that's why.. and sorry hubby, i should think about your feeling too..huhuhu sorry.. thank for be patient with my behave.. i know i behaving like a stupis little kids.. yeaa.. i'm sorry....

thank GOD i have a very super duper best BOYFRIEND ever!!


b.r.u.t.a.l.s.o.l.o said...

kamu sudah jumpa doktor..sapa yang melukakan hati kecil kamu tu

farina said...

ramdonly orang dalam rumah sendiri =,=