Friday, October 1, 2010

25 things about FARINA AZMI

25 things about me,
what i do and i don't?
what cool about me and what suck about it?
ahhhhaaaaaa yea i got tag from my dearest marina on facebook to write 25 things about me, it's late i know but yea i just have a time for this so enjoy reading.. if any of you got the same behave or something i write in here, c'mon! lets share it together!! ^__^

1. i were born in PENANG! surprised? should be since i'm the only person in my siblings were actually born in PENANG..they all were born in KL you know? urrghh it makes me more special.kuang3 p/s: I'm NOT anak mami ok!

2. i used to be called ADIK in my family before n yeah till now even with my host family, they called me ADIK and DEKNA shortform from ADIK and INA.. phewww~ i love it since i look manja that way..wkwkwkwkwk

3. i look more like my dad than my mom and i got his eyes.. sepet one.. ahahaha that's why it looks like mashimaro~

4. my hand are sensitive, i mean my skin are sensitive.. i cant really touch some belacan or whatsoever, my hand would be so itching and flaking roughly.. i hate it and yea, i got this from my mom.. we got a same problem =,=

5. i cant used standard steel.. it's not i'm demanding but it's my sensitive skin.. i only can used gold, white gold, silver and yea 100%... that's why i rarely used jewellery - i used to ignore my skin but then i'm the one suffer because of it so yea don't ignore something important like this.. =,=

6. i love coffee.. any kind of it..mocha, latte and all kind of coffee.. the aroma attract me XD

7. i cant drink lychee,wherever it is.. tea lychee? or lychee kang?? ahaaa all such a thing that have lychee in it.. i cant drink or else i will coughing like hell.. =,=

8. i'm major in both laughing and crying.. it's equal.. lol but only a chosen people can see me crying.. it's too valuable and yea only a 1 person can make me directly stop's Brian :D so if i crying and wont stop,call him! and he will make me stop ahhhaaa :p

9. i love photograph the most, a perfect picture making me satisfied ever.. but i don't own any dslr or professional's camera.. so sad.. =,=

10, i love graphics too, i love art, i love it so much... i try to learn as much as i could to make my editing and graphic more and more better.. never stop learning!

11. i'm a universal listener, i can go with rock, pop, screamo, rnb, hip hop, metal, hard metal, love song and yea all of long as it's music i LOVE it..!! ^__^

12. i'm sensitive to perfume.. most of the time i just cant accept any random perfume.. i will felt sick of it and might be vomit if it's too disrupt me.. even my own perfume i have to choose wisely.. i mean today i can smell this perfume but it's not going to be the same tomorrow.. for now, i have 3 perfume which i use everyday and have to choose which one i can smell for the whole day.. everyday is not the same with my perfume.. waa it's killing me,seriously! =,=

13. i love polka dots! i love 60s stuff.. i mean old school yaww.. if i see any polka dots i will try as hard as i could to buy it..ahhhha this is bad attitude okay! don't follow me because it would be just wasting the money.. ahahaha don't show any polka dots to me please~

14. i LOVE BLACK,PURPLE,WHITE AND GREEN.. ^__^ and i HATE PINK! i really really really don't like pink! any other colour? yea i can say i like it.. :)

15. i love baking cakes, cupcakes or whatsover that to do with bake.. yea i love it.. :D

16. i don't drink/eat any too sweet things or oily things and and i don't drink soya except 'V-soy' soya.. it will cause me vomiting.. duhhh =,=

17. i got long black straight hair.. it's original long black straight ok? but i make it with highlight abit and it's not 100% black for now.. ahhaaaa :D i'm going to saloon every week.. it's a must!

18. i love to sing the most..ahahahaha keep sing.. wherever i go.. lalalala~ but not earphone on my ears every second ok.. i sing whatever song that cross in my head..wuu lalala~

19. i don't like liar,no one like it..i know.. any fake and pretending kind of people, you are so not in my league! get away! shoo shoo~

20. i got a lot of friend and contacts but i can count i one single hand my best friend.. i'm not easy to trust or to 'like'... deal with it!

21. i choose my cousins instead of my friend even when i just want to have some stupid fun.. so yea,that's why i rarely reply any text,message or wall from my friends, sorry.. =,=

22. i can speak with a lot of accent,ahaha even i'm not living in there.. only the accent.. maybe not perfect but i can always make it sound very closely like the real accent.. well, i'm 1 Malaysia! ngeeeee~ :D

23. i love being in home.. even it's bore me sometime but i love it instead of going out.. but when i want to go out..please~ don't force me to sit back at home!! i will make sure i'm out of my home when i want to go out.. and i could just walk if it's necessary.. ngaaa XD

24. i don't like rushing.. that is just not my things! if you want to go out with me..make a deal and make sure.. i don't have to be rushing all the time because of it..ok? -be relax, there's still a time~

25. i imagine a lot of 'out of head' things which is something that anyone else wont think and imagine..ahaha but only few person i'll tell about it.. ahaha and sometime.. there's no one would ever get ahahaa :DD

okay! that's the 25 things about me.! it takes me 5hour to finish this.. even i have to eat infront of pc because of this.. ehheee :D enjoy reading people! ^__^


miss fabola said...

brani benci kaler pink??hehe..

farina said...

ouh well, kita mengamalkan demokrasi yer!
undi saya adalah rahsia! wakakaka
mesti brani maaa.. :p
kalo akk fatin suka pink tuu diam2 je la.. buat2 mcm x bace.. eheehe :p