Sunday, October 10, 2010

my blog has been featured?

hello there!! :DD

double WOW for me? would you?
ok please.. let me.. let me tell you how it's happen.. ok i don't know actually but.. i was checking my mail today and i saw 1 special mail that subject to congratulation! your blog has been featured!
okay 1st i thought it was just some joke kindda mail.. but after i checking it and read and check the kind hearted link that featured me, yeah it's REAL duhhh!!!
OH MY GOD!! again XD
my blog has been futured in artcraftmakingsupplies.. click click and click here!!
super hell big THANKS for them for featured me, i'm appreciated it!
i am over excited now.. ahhaaa this the 1st time..
hope there's more after this. :D thanks again ^__^

p/s: hell i love it.. thank you 100000000000000000x times hugs and kisses XD

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