Wednesday, September 29, 2010

oww yeah?

hey there my lovely readers~

i've been rarely update my blog.. sorry i kindda busy with life and whatsoever, and yea i need some idea too for made up a new entry.. it's mean, i don't have any idea what should i write in here woaahh =,=
life is about getting better, and love is growing up.. there's nothing more i hope than a happy fine life, there's a tested too for me, i didn't say that i didn't got tested but yea need to think more positive and take it as positive as i could since that's the only way to make 'having problem' is a new chapter to grow up.. and i made mistake for made up a very quick and brainless decision, i regret and it's not worth it.. but thank you for giving me another chances, now i will try my best to think positively more and more.. ^^

someone send me such a very sweet and brave thing since she was saying that she's happy every time she read about my life and she's admitting that she's not happy with her life, and hoping to be my friend... ouh well, thank you dear, it's not that my life is happier than yours err maybe the way we accept that into our life, it's different right? i already replied to that.. you just need to think positive to make you life happier, no one could do that for us if we not try to make itself to be happy..right? and about to be my friend, hey! u just need to say hi to me and i will always replied for that, and hey maybe we might be a good friend someday? who knows? ^__^

ok that's just it.. i'm really blank for now.. till then* hugs and kisses*

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