Thursday, September 23, 2010

some explanation

hey there reader,
since i was making such a curious entry before and makes everyone wondering what happened with me..and my life and my relationship..
i was really in a bad day that time,some's solved by now! getting better from fever and yea keep raining in here making me about to non-stop having fever..f**k!
my eyes getting smaller and smaller, that's why he called me his mashimaro..well, i am! only Brian's Mashimaro,always..and 'the one that can talk' he said.. we have been arguing bout Justin bieber and lady gaga,it's annoying but SWEET.. ahahaha i really missed him..
should be upload raya's picture to facebook but yea.. i hope Ami would do the favour..
nothing much to be told since i kindda slow right now..i mean my head the brain maybe effected by fever or something.. err something???? okay fever! only fever!
too much aiming for the next allowance..please.. one by one farina!!
that just it, till then..xoxo

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