Wednesday, September 1, 2010


i think i'm not into blog and not posting anything like an ages.. there's a lot of things happen, which is its should be writen here or at least some memories or something but i just not into it now.. i look so pathetic didn't i? duuuhhhh what's wrong with me??
ok nevermind, now i want to share whatever happen since i guess i just change into some other 'me'.. it's felt like dr.jackel and mr.hyde.. i bet it is.. :p maybe i was drinking some poison or XD

see?? the dull me and the happy me?? could you see that?

okay start with last saturday, enjoy break fasting with all of the family, there's nothing i can say since is too late to remembering all of it well, i enjoy and dapat hilang rindu kat dorang.. here some of the picture.. :)



harap dapat hidup aman makmur sampai bile-bile kat tanah Malaysia nie..
i know it's late,forgive me...

there's something special for 1 September 2010, i'm married in hs5.. ehehehe lol it's like my dream even just in the game, and you should know the one who become my husband is my own hubby.. so yea, i can't wait to get married in real one.. :p i was freezing and face become red and everything it's like a real *blushing
here's some picture.. XD i love you hubby~!!! ^___^

there's more actually but i dont have enough time to put it all so yea.. ^__^ and 1 more.. special made from quincy or jie jie ehehehe thank you so much... we appreciated it..


Sometime things happen just to test us.. how much we trust and how much it takes for us to deal with it... i think i falling in love again.. with the same person Brian Richardson :)

i miss you hubby and i love you so much~
thank you for your UNstoppable loves.. ^__^

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