Tuesday, August 31, 2010

let this heal

i cant sleep since last night ,not sure why..there's too many point and yea mum and dad seems very mad because of that and keep say that i need those sleep to make myself getting better.. for God sake, i don't know from what..duuhh it's sickness? naaahh it can't be,cause it just last night... just last night.. :p

my heart felt choked.. don't know why..huhu sometimes people just act like what they want without thinking about the others.. even you just showed it with your words.. it still hurt the others.. please stop doing it.. =,= yea i look fine,i look cool but still i got heart little heart to cause me tears and smile.. they can see my fault,my bad but they don't even try to find their own fault and bad.. i can see all of 'em..all but you? just pointing the others without thinking about yourself.. please, i keep it what ever complaining about you cause i know if i told you,you'll get hurt, and i know you'll change (someday) at least.. i still think about your heart.. didn't i? see,you never think..even for once about how much my heart bleeding because of you words.. it's my fault,my bad and i'm the one who should be blame on, mad at me, i don't care but please stop related it to someone i really love.. stop doing that.. he got nothing to do with it.. benda simple pon nak bagi aku sakit hati kenape? for God sake i can't really smile now.. yea it's been hard for me.. you know how it feels right? when someone doing that to you..so stop doing that to me.. T__T i know it would never end cause whatever i do,we still related, living in the same house like now...
sometimes i just don't understand how actually people can be such a heartless.. even a lot of people saying that 'you are the one whose heartless,Farina!'... i look like right? heartless kindda person?? yea, no one knows what i feel inside..

saya selalu ketepikan perasaan saya untuk kebahagian orang lain. itu yang sebenarnya..

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