Wednesday, September 8, 2010

while it still ramadhan

hey hey hey there~~

healing my blog fuhhh fuuuhhh~~~

okay, it's a lot of things actually,break fasting with ex-schoolmate, with family again, with cousins, with my sis and her friend and so like yea i kindda busy going out to break fasting :p lol

dealing to paint the gate then i got my hair to that paint colour,just a bit but still it's annoying to remove it grrrr and and it get to my favourite t-shirt too..huhuhu it is sad okay, it's my favourite t-shirt and now it just huhuhu get dirt.. the horrible thing is it's permanent! =,= so i tried to find a new one that look so so saaadddddddd..

there's no picture since i don't have any picture with me,it's all with 'em

today busy with cleaning the house, sleep wkwkwkwk facial, hair do and yea till now, i just done with the curtains.. should be bake some cake since i didn't make any kuih raya this year but i am soooo lazy to do so..ahahaha tomorrow maybe.. maybe...ahaha

crying while listen to takbik raya, ni memang tak dapat nak buat ape..sedih nyerr.. soobsss T___T

hubby would be here if takde aral melintang in maybe this sunday so i'm excited :p i miss my hubby so hell much..

i don't want to follow my dad and family to hometown (taiping) cause i got my own reasons and i i kindda broke right now.. i have to maintain my money to the way it should be.. it is hard duhhhh =,=

p/s: hope still got duit raya for me.. ehehe anyone?? thank you :p

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