Wednesday, August 18, 2010

you got my eyes over you

ouh hell-oo!!! :D

i'm being sooo great today, and yea keep smiling.. :D ahahaha
there's a reason of course but for God sake i am not sure what it is.. XD
i think i become a big fan of Justin Bieber now.. it's not i am just be one (cause it's been a long time i become a fan of him) but i wonder why everytime i got time to be deal with computer and the thing i've been doing is youtube and watching JB.. ahaha :D and he is on tour now and would be at TORONTO this 21..woooooo i wish i'm following my hubby to his hometown so that i can go to JB's concert XD.. teheeeee~ now i'm more to my hubby..ehehehe don't start anything that might be make me miss my hubby more like now.. how come JB going to Toronto and that makes me miss my hubby.. it is related okay, i miss my hubby now.. wuuuu~ actually, i always miss my hubby so please don't mind that.. XP

twitter? i got one.. long time already but yea about to active it since actually i was got problem with my twitter, i cant post anything through it but now it just healed! so yea i will be put some link in here so if any of you want to follow my tweet,it would be nice.. ^__^
click here! to go to my twitter.. :) here! here! thank you! :)

in love with this song.. :D Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith is so hell damn CUTE XD
this my ringtone for now..ahahaha

p/s: i really want to go to my hubby now..

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