Thursday, August 19, 2010

another day ^__^

ouh hi~!

ok for starting i got gastric today..yeaaaaaa another day...shit! okay, ignore it, i'm just not fasting lalalalala~ okay, i don't have mood today, because yeaa someone i hate is actually close to someone i love.. guess what? i don't want to talk about this.. this is so irritating.. =,=
the only things make me smile this morning was my giatmara's mate.. ahaha since i was skipped my class yesterday.. :D so everyone like,where have you been and blablabla... so yea,thank you for

my hubby was calling me..and suddenly his friend call him and he call him 'justin bieber' so my hubby said,see my friend call me like that and i really want to cut my hair..can i?.. then i said, why? just let it be for now.. and he replied,i don't want to look like justin bieber,he's gay,please let me cut my hair.. ahahahaha and for sure i backing up justin bieber and i said, he's not gay i know, justin bieber is not gay and blablablablabla then..guess what my hubby say?? he said, why you have to baking him?? are you falling in love with him?? I will kill that guy, I WILL KILL THAT GUY!! and that guy is justin bieber..wahahaha for me this is sweet..ehehehe and my hubby start sulking..wuuuu~ and yea have persuade my hubby.. ^__^ comel la hubby..
hubby keep being cute.. so cute.. :D i miss you sayang.. ^__^

i am just a fan of Justin Bieber,there's nothing much.. XD

and giatmara about to put a network in DTP class so, yea maybe after this i can online in class..wahahaaaauuu best best! it just maybe so,i'm not sure..wuu~

p/s: i never getting bored of keep thinking about my hubby.. :D lay you hubby~

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