Monday, August 16, 2010

quick update

Salam for all.. :)

okay lets get start with something different for now, but how actually? well, yea i don't know what topic or whatsover things that should be written here.. i'm kindda lost at this point, class is soooooo and soooo fine since i'm done with every assignment given by teacher and yea, i sleep in the class when i got time and when i actually can fall asleep.. :p and life is so fine cause it's ramadhan and there's nothing can do more or less.. me and hubby are fine too, we're trying to avoid 'point of fighting' as much as we could do.. we need and we have to stick to each other to make things so lot more better so yea, it works somehow it still make me miss him more and more..need him more and more, want him more and more and so everything is MORE AND MORE.. eheee :D

okay that's a simple update about me, there's nothing much.. :)

p/s: i think i should update some new artwork on deviantart.. it quite a long time since the last one.. :)

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