Friday, August 13, 2010

my random wishlist. XD

hell-oOoo people!

just some ermm random wishlist.. i really hope i can have it.. :) so,
can i have this?!!

i mean this!
okay, it's not Justin Bieber that i want k..
yea he's really damn cute but i don't have anything to do with him so yea i don't really want him.
there's a tons of girl out there insist to have him so yea if someone give him (Justin Bieber) to me maybe i will get killed by some other
okay, all that i wanted is...... the shoes!
the shoes that Justin Beiber wore! okay not exactly the one he wore.. i might be cant fixed into he's shoes size,okay i dont know what size of Justin Bieber's shoes.. :p
i just one that kindda shoes, purple high cut and so like that..
is that supra?? :D okay maybe the same brand as Justin Bieber wore.. XD
ahahahaha maybe if i got some money then i will buy it..
and maybe it will takes some month for that..
pray for me ahah the shoes really attract me..whoop
i want it i want it..

this is random wishlist :)

p/s: if Justin Bieber wear same size as my shoes then can i have the one that he wore? can i?
if i get it,i mean the one that in the picture..i will wear it with my baju raya..wkwkwkwk XD

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