Friday, August 13, 2010

losing energy

Salam everyone~

hope you guys still have strength to keep fasting today since i'm not fasting today cause got food poisoning.. keep vomiting huhuhu :( i lost all the energy.. i am very WEAK now.. =,=
i am so sad, i want to fasting now.. huhuhu rugi satu hari.. :(
and not just food poisoning but i'm having fever too.. T__T

thank you hubby for always with me when i need you and i'm sorry for those mistake that i've done... i'm so sorry.. i love you and i always do..huhu i miss you hubby..

Rabee massage me just now,asking where i am and yea i tell her about my sickness and so blablabla.. she said she will drop by here (my house) cause she's really miss me..huuhu for God sake,i miss you too dear cousin..please come here huhu and i miss Alia too, maybe she already on the way back home now..i hope so.. i really need to see my twins now..huhu

okay just this for now.. still feel sick..huhu =,=

till then,

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