Sunday, August 29, 2010

O,O ngaaaa~ XDD

salam semua..

thank God my hubby getting better... thank god.. ^__^ i can heard his laugh again.. :) it's like i got my strength back... i know you are a strong guy hubby.. ^__^

thank you to whoever give me courage..thank you thank you~

i was baking my cake when the time my hubby had an accident...huhu made my cakes undone.. i didn't make fondant just a butter cake and chocolate rice cake... please don't ask for the picture, i don't have a time to take some since i was busy with my hubby and stuff...huhu

i was on back my old game online.. it's been more than 2 years since the last time, i kindda miss it,my friend in there...ahaha and it's bored like hell for me now because just a little kids playing that games 8--15years old..ahaha even my friend in that game also already left like that didn't even on since ahahaha funny, just done with cancelling the account and etc.. but really hope to meet up my old 'game friends' again..but i bet that i couldn't ever find all of 'em because most of them too far from me.. 99% of them aren't from Malaysia so yea.. duhh =,= i miss 'em all.. :D and yea there is only 4 person i can contact but hehehe it's like a years for me to do that lol.. XD sorry guys.. XP

just done with converting amr file to mp3..ehehe it's the conversation between me and my hubby..ehehehehe :DDDDDD miss you hubby... and i think i'm going to ehehehehe aaaaaaa~ love you sayang~

i'm crazy about this,about hubby and everything.. XDDDDDDD *giler

p/s: i dont have credit to call hubby or reply his text..huhu miss you hubby~

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