Wednesday, August 25, 2010


hey there..

sorry for those depression entry.. it's quite irritating isn't it? huhu i'm getting better, i hope so.. i'm a strong girl, so i have to stop being immature and crying and all those stuff that makes me looked like immature girl...duhhh =,=

but it is hurt right to knew that someone actually hating us for no reasons? nevermind~ being hated is the way to be loved? ahahahaha CRAPS!!
correction**** to be loved by someone else lol,not the person whose hate me.. ^__^

and you love me more and more~ and my love grows up with you~~ and you kiss me more and more and i kiss you too~! and i kiss you too~!! *soko-take my heart
i miss my hubby..huhu hubby hubby hubby hubby hubby hubby hubby hubby~~~~~~~~~

tonight i will be making fondant and butter cream to make some cakes tomorrow ngeeee :D but my mom said 'please make sure you make one for eat 1st if not, you will not going to have the cake when the time you make the topping'..ahaha yea i should, kalau tidak kek akan habis mase aku nak buat topping tuu.. adesss =,= okay2 sorry, my mom was say it in malay, tertranslate pulokk.. :p

p/s: everything seems so bored..duuhhh =,=

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