Friday, August 27, 2010

some buzZ~

heyy there~ :)

for the past 2 day..actually i've been soooo LAZY so, i just done with my butter cream,not cake or even fondant..duhhhh =,= malas beganda namenyer nie..

internet slow macam atok sipot duhhh..=,= tak boleh tengok video nie,nak buat cream cheese cake jugak..ahahaha ni aku kalau dah rajen memang over siket.. :p nak buat 2 kek! mungkin busy siket..

kepade kawan2 yang text,classmate,schoolmate....sorry, i didn't topup for like yea few days..ehehehe so please just call :p

hubby, i miss you~ Te echo de menos~ even though we talk on the phone almost everyday,chat and playing games together but still I MISS YOU!! love you always hubby.. ^__^

'where have you been?' 'hilang tercampak dekat mane?' and all such question have been asked to me all over again and again.. WAIT! am i invisible? or you guys missed me? lol farina tak hilang okay! just maybe a bit busy with everything.. but still i update my blog , twitter and stuff, if you really following, you'll not going to loss me...ahahahah sorry if not replying or something..okay friends?

that's all for now, i want to bake a cake now.. :) thank you for reading..

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