Monday, July 26, 2010

depending on mood

hey hey hey~~~

today was so exhausted.. yea since last night till today my mom non-stop scolded at me and the sad part is, i didn't do anything wrong,not even once.. so like yea ruin my whole mood,everything is so like fucked up! okay,maybe she was so stressed about the problems but still it's not me mama who made up the problem here, please keep your mad at the only person who made up all those things,please, i beg you mama,please..

just so you guys know everytime my mom scolded at me it make me cry non-stop.. tak tahan T__T
sakit hati aku dengan manusia yang mangka suka buat masalah nie!! grrrr tahap gampang melampau! sedar please sampai bila kau nak buat kat kitorang macam nie! arrgghh~

aku memang da stressed sekarang =,= aku tak sehat lagi suke je buat sume bende ni kat aku.. :(

oww yea i was going to giatmara today after register and everything directly to class.. and 1 thing i didn't tell you guys, actually i'm going with kak linda (my sister in law).. yea she's studying with me and for sure same course.. thank God i got her with me all the time since no one want to talk with us especially girls you know? i mean the student not the teacher since all the teacher known us very well :).. yea maybe because we're already well known by the teacher made them jealous or something..i don't know.. so sad isn't it? but i don't really care though they behaving so 'lame' mostly the girls.. there's nothing i've learnt for today actually..just sitting in the class doing nothing =,= bored like hell and just keep gossiping with kak linda, yea that's is our new hobby now...wkwkwkwk okay i do something i mean else than gossiping, i was conteng2 my note book ngehehehe so this is what they look alike XD

1st picture : i miss my hubby..huhu
2nd picture: a girl keep talking shit in the class so, this is for you girl! (the eff off things)

after going out for lunch break which is very hot huhu then got in the class which is very cold (freezing).. i got headache,most painful ever till the tears drop from my eyes and i was like 'i want to go home now, cant stand anymore'.. fyi, im not feeling very well yet that is why it's effect me so damn fast.. but i'm not going home since it'll cause a problem to everyone so i take a risk and keep thinking that i can through this,i am a strong girl so guess what? i made it! i'm getting better after that,thank God..

this is what i'm wearing for today,i didn't get my uniform yet.
when i was waiting my brother to pick us up :)
credit to kak linda :D

i got new friend,just one, the 1st person who talked to us..thank you for talked with us :) at least,there is someone right..?

p/s: i'm so not in a mood actually cause this headaches attack me again and i miss my hubby so badly. :(

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