Saturday, July 24, 2010

2,3,4,5 cerita ke?

hey there dear readers and blogwalkers~ :)

i'm having such a bad flu right now.. and that's mean i'm currently NOT WELL so, shut all the plans and whatsoever..arrgghh giler lemb otak aku berjalan...

and some information about me for you guys out there.. i'm going to GIATMARA starting this monday taking graphic.. actually intake and everything already start,i'm late but yea that is not a problem for me since i used to go that Giatmara which is only at Bangi and my brother used to cooperate with Giatmara and some of the 'things' that they printed was design by me.. so yea i am not having any problem with that.. it's just until end of this year ok means start next year i am free back and for sure will be continuing to some other Collage or University .. done(!) be happy everyone, and please pray for me to get trough all of it.. :)

hubby already made up a plans which i don't really like it but yea he said it's for my own good but still i am not about to agreed with that.. huhu but yea, you know me better sayang huhu~ i promise to myself that i will be successes one day.. i promise, so don't worry.. :)

remember that 200 post? yea actually it's not, since i deleted 2 or 3 of my previous past few month post since the post making me sick..really sick.. euuwwhhh~ ok maybe it's fine for me when the time i was writing it but yea not now.. sangat menjengkelkan okay! eee.. ape yang kau tulis farina..ahah maybe the person in that post really annoyed and disgusting,sory but you are 'person'!

well, i'm not going to meet my hubby that thursday since yea he need that rest and he's busy with his visa and, it's okay there's nothing i can do.. so change the planned, i went to watch sorcerer's apprentice with my brothers asrul and asril, k.linda, cousin eza and abg.mat.. okay about the movie? yea it's COOL, i mean REAL COOL.. go take some time to watch it.. i bet you wont regret that okay?

i think that just it for now.. and pray for my health,hope for being very well by in time i have to go to giat.... ngee nervous lah pulak~ ngaaa XD

p/s: rindu hubby sayang hubby~

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