Friday, July 30, 2010

cerita kedai kopi~

salam everyone~

hey, it's been a few days since my last update doesn't it? don't anyone just 'miss' my writing?? ( i bet there's no one) wkwk....
remember i told you guys about there's no one in my class want to talk with us?? yea,it's different now because kak.linda is definitely 'very great' in graphic since she already have diploma in multimedia before and i used to graphic which means 'it's not a big problem' for me at all.. so, everyone just become like 'kak.linda,how to do this?' 'farina, why this thing's become like this?' and so bla bla bla, everyone being such a nice person because of this... okay, i am not someone that keep something to just myself so yea i shared every single things that i know.. bile ingat balik macam mane korang buat kat aku mase 1st day,rase macam polak giler.. yea i know, i'm a good person right? XP

even it's just a few days i didn't write anything but it's like tons of bombastic story to be told.. ngahaha yea it is.. since i've been fighting with hubby,really bad one..huhu but we're fine back then like before perhaps more better i think :) i miss him so badly right now,yea he's already back to Canada..huhu miss you hubby..miss you sayang..huhu i love you..remember that..huhu MISS YOU SO LIKE CRAZY!!! ngaaaa rindu nyer~~

okay i was put some inai to my nail.. :) long time didn't do this.. since the last was on my brother weeding.. long time huh? so yea just put for some fun..since my mum don't let me put cutex so yea instead of that..i put inai la.. :) and i write something on my hand which is actually on the place that you can listen to my heart beat....ngehehehe XD for hubby for sure..hehe

love you miss you hubby~

actually nk buat melintang so, it would be like wrist band but agak susah pulak sebab tak tau nak pusing tangan macam mane..wkwk so jadi la..asalkan n hati tuu ^__^
love you so much sayang :)

p/s: rindu sangat la kat BRIAN RICHARDSON~

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