Friday, June 11, 2010

7 stage of grief

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while i'm walking in every single blog like dududuuuu~~
reading and take note and yea leave some path..tadaaa~~
i've found this
7 stage of grief atau dalam bahase Malaysia nyer 7 tahap kesedihan
for God sake this the fact and yea it's happen to everyone..take a look people..

7 stage of grief

thank hencek google~

First Stage: Shock/Disbelief
Tak kisahlah, kalau kita dah anticipate atau tidak bahawa benda tu akan terjadi. Tapi bila dah betul-betul terjadi, dia macam a smack on the face. Rasa surreal,out of this world. Tak logik semua ni berlaku dan kita rasa macam ini semua mimpi buruk and we need to wake up PRONTO.

contoh: Hah?budak Law kena pindah PJ??

Second Stage: Denial
contoh: Tak mungkin. Tak naaaak!! PJ strict, bla bla bla. Ini tak mungkin terjadi. Nanti mesti pihak pengurusan tuka balik ni, tak jadi pindah.

Third Stage: Bargaining
"what can i do to make things better?"
"what can i do to make me feel better?"
"what can i do to reverse the loss?"

contoh: -emm, boleh suruh Kam Loi, Kawah Thai dan Abang Wafer pergi bukak cawangan kat PJ tak, pleassseeeeee..
-kalau orang putus cinta: Kalau A minta clash dengan B, B sedih, B minta stay friends".

Forth Stage: Guilt
Perasaan bersalah. You felt as if all this happened because of you, yourself.

Fifth Stage: Anger
To feel hatred and raged at the situation/person.

Sixth Stage: Depression
Depressed. Because you know, all the hatred you felt is not worth it, and you are left empty and feeling incomplete. A failure, some felt.

Seventh Stage: Acceptance and Hope
You have felt and experienced every single feeling for this matter and you have nothing else to feel. You felt you have done everything and you can accept the facts. You look forward for your sunshine after the rain. You are looking forward for your rainbow.

sorry memang malas nak edit semule..kepale tengah sakit btw credit to NikNurAdila , sorry for not making any change and thanks by the way..i love your blog NikNurAdila..tadaa~ you're on my VVIP's.. sorry again for not making any change..huhu :D

p/s: it's happen so, DEAL with it..that's the most important part okay friend? :)

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