Thursday, June 10, 2010

getting alive

hello there~

sehari post berlambak2 entry, sekali tinggal 2-3 hari baru nak buat post baru.. sorry yer.. some of you memang tak habis penat pikir kenape aku buat post macam dah nak mati tuu.. agk arr kan? aku tahu, terima kasih kerana risau tentang keadaan aku.. memang sampai sekarang masih lagi berlanjutan ngaaaaa~ aku bukan nak cakap ape, aku dan si dia memang okay tapi tak ade dah orang yang boleh support aku buat mase nie.. aku macam hilang punca for a while.. so, sekarang aku dalam keadaan diam dan lebih memedam perasaan..duuuu~ =,=

tuesday 8/6/2010,
i'm baking some cupcakes.. some ke? 1kg kowt..tadaaa~ ok since that have been the day i'm 'down' so bad,my cupcakes doing well with alia's help.. thank you dear cousin and i know it's not easy to bake some cupcakes and persuade a sad cousin in the same thanks again alia..huhuhu if she wasn't there that time maybe i will bake myself (ignore it please).. and and since i already promise you dear it is.. the picture of cupcakes with our name on it.. sorry my hand was shaking while doing it..just i'm too sad and i don't have enough strength..just don't have any.. thank you and enjoy the picture.. yummy~

lupe nak rotate..huhu~

wednesday 9/6/2010,
i'm planing to going out with alia since i'm free for the whole day and and of course to make myself getting better.. [=,=] yea, we went to Bukit Bintang (BB), meeting adeq and aj and yea just walk around, eat and walk around again..itu sahaje bosan dan terus nak balik, yea in way back home with the rain...we stuck on Hang Tuah the monorail having a technical problems.. yadaaa~ we about to wait that time but suddenly some workers telling us that it would be 2hour to get monorails working back so , we take LRT to Masjid Jamek change to PUTRA going to KL Central then we're taking KTM to get here (kajang).. for God sake, tired because we should arrived home earlier than that.. uwaaaaaa :(( you know how's pack the KTM in 5.00pm and so ? arrrgghh crowded.. and i can't even move..graaa shit! and arrived home at 9.00pm tadaa~ after going to pasar malam and so on..huhuhu

and today just sitting home like a dumbass ngaaa~ bosan and hubby seems so busy..huhuhu and yea sorry for the lost... [=,=] itu sahaje bosan.. and by the way, budak kecik call me kakak okay? not makcik kerana sayer maseh mude remaje... ahahahahahaha

i think i'm going to msu in culinary art and not kptm in business management.. huhuhu please agree...

ni gambar extra senanyer..ahahaha sempat lagi
FB not stand for Facebook but it's
Farina & Brian :p

p/s: pray for me to get myself getting better...

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Syira rawks!! said...

yeyy.. suda ok...
happy to hear that lahh..