Sunday, June 13, 2010


it's like this,it's like that~ lalalalala~~ *singing

ouh, hye dear people~ nice to see you again.. :D

so, everyone talk about FIFA WORLD CUP? can i talk about it too?
ahaaaaa okay, i'm not going to talk write about what team i'm support or whatsoever~
i am not into football, deal with it ahaha yea i get excited when watching it but i'm NOT fanatic.okay? but if you are insist to know which team's i like.. this is my answer...
THE WINNER? yea, i love them. XD

for those who want to show the extreme love against the team of their choice, here i got something that you might like? yea i know you will.. :D
take a look ^___^

you love it right? with the mascot too?
click here to know more more and more about's cute isn't it?

just go click

p/s; gogogogogog~ i love my hubby :p

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