Thursday, May 13, 2010

mari berfoya-foya?

hai anda dan anda!

teheee..okay, since I've been busy with my kawaii mono and quite 'terasa' with someone this few days, its like I already lost my 'enjoy mood'. and I'm quite lonely just so everyone know [tehee sangat tidak boleh bla]..ahaha do ignore my vocabulary..huh.. I'm not a good writer but I'm a good story teller so, now I don't have so much to tell you actually so I keep losing my words.. wtf! pfft~

ouh dear my friend and my friend [perlu ke macam nie?] please do help me by promoting my kawaii mono.. i'm really glad to know that you are helping.. and for who already taking part.. thank you very much. i'm doing all by my self so if someone could do me a favour by promoting, i am so greatfull..

mari berfoya-foya?? yer macam takde kena mengena kan? hehe itu sebenarnye sebab saye nk berfoya-foya je..memang takde kena mengena dengan cerita yang disampaikan.. i want to enjoy that's all~ XDD

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