Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the continued..

yeah, i dont know if sumones are waiting for this continued story or not..once again i remind, this is my own life story,i didnt steal it or juz make it up things oke... we are fine for sure.. i cant lie, the missunderstand still there.. nothing would ever change it.. it makes us more understand bout each other..maybe it is,..maybe its not..yeah, i just dont know.. and i'm superbly confused about my own feeling.. i cant trust him 100% but deep in my heart i love him n i'm begging on him.. i cant lie myself either..what i most care,most think about is jz him.. T-T

i know, u would say..'u're still young,u shouldnt get involve in this kind of "love sicknees" things.u should enjoyed ur own self,love ur self..' gahh!! i know it..and i'm trying to do that.. enjoying myself,love my self but..i am already in this kind of "love sicknees"... i dont know how does he feel toward me.. maybe i know but i didnt sure bout it.. actually, i dont know why people will keep say that 'u guys such a cute couple..'..gyahahaha.. dont get fooled of it k.. if we are 'couple', u wouldnt say that,doeesnt it?? its juz bcoz we're in love.. maybe?? everyone know the answer doesnt it? sumtimes its hurt but sumthimes it makes me happier.. :)

p/s; actually, when i was write first paraghraph for this countinued story, i'm in sad mood... i wanna cry but..its makes me smile when i think of him.. :)

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