Friday, January 2, 2009

new year!

yeah, i should post this yesterday but i didnt get a chance to online..
btw, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.!!! hope u guys will get a new better life ahead.. :)

my new year celebration is sOoo dull actually..
i juz online my myspace 4 a few minutes..and i didnt alert for the i was like.. 'eyh,its new year already..' i didnt even relize tht...ahahahahaha.. goodbye 2008...welcome 2009.. hope everything would be change.. the sadness would turn to happiness maybe? yeah..hope so..

my wish for this hole new year/azam thun bru:
1-i am now SPM victim..ggyahaha..study3!!! straight A's..
2-losing my weight more n more n
3-having n motorcycle..
4- DSLR..ganbatte ne~!!!
5-more happines..

i think juz tht..i cant think anything else than that.. hahaha.. maybe there's sumthing else..but i didnt remember.. i will write it when i remember..haha..

ouh2.. 1 more thing.. i want to make everytone's haapy.. :)

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