Tuesday, December 30, 2008

nGee~! dush! (*-*)

i'm being such a good person today..
gyahahaha (poyo2!!!)
actually, juz nk luahkn sumthing yg terperap d hati ni la kn...
hmmmm..yg bace..senyap2 sude..ok? jnji taw..!!

this story should be start last two month..but i didnt right anything yet lah.. this story is about a boy name 'E' (bkn nme sbnar)..gyahaha..dont laugh..nGee.. we have known each other for two month. as i should say is our relationship is not like other friendship.. its more than that.. not sweet couple as u think it is.. maybe its too soon.. it should be a normal friendship but we are crushing on each other..how can i say that?? love is blind?? maybe its really blind.. coz not juz once or even once we're meeting eyes to eyes or u can said face to face.. hikhik..(sjer nk bg kowang kompius).. i'm in love wif sumone i never met..gahh! he said he can accept me the way i am.. yeah, he had my pic n he does saw my pic in myspace..lol.. but me,i nver see his picture,even once..

hmmmm.. we have tried our best to solve this thing up till both of us had a huge fight.. its maybe some of misunderstand.. we are okey now.. what ever come we'll be together to solve it nicely.. we closed those things up.. once again i should be remember myself that we are nothing than juz a friend.. maybe we doesnt sound or look like that. coz whoever read my messages from him or me to him would say we are so sweet couple.. we called ourself different than a friend.. u know suthing that 'couple' would called their self.. (kowang phm kn maksod aq?) hmmm.. day and a day keep makes us stck together,missing each other... ahh, u know its 'love sickness' we have been trough..

i'll make this soo suspended coz it will be continued...... i have sumthing to do now, and for sure, i will continued this up.. to make sure u guys know what happen between us.. :)
waiting it up k.. :)

to be continued..

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