Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Kembali ke blog bersawang lulz

Assalamualaikum semua.!  Hai guyssss. I'm  back!
It's currently 1:47pm 27june2016, it's 22nd of ramadan. Last post was on September 2014?! Emm yeah,  that's quite a long time! It looks like I dumped my blog. Lol okay. Don't  get too emotional at this rate, i forgot my password and you know what even more worse? I forgot my email password too!! (that i used to logged in just for my blog). Despite the fact that they have 'forgot my password'  thingy, ya know that's a lot of work to do, ain't got not time for that!! I think I changed my password like few months ago but i forgot that too!! Ya Allah, teruk gila memori aku. On the other hand, chrome keep on massed up with my account, since google take over everything these days. You can use 1 account for everything, including blogger but my blog is so old and I use a different email, everytime I opened blogger, its on my gmail account I sign out and use different email but when I back to blogger, it come back to my gmail account. It's sickening!! I got really annoyed and decided to stop myself from sign in my blog ever again.  Hahahaha but today is a miracle (naahh not really) I didn't sleep yet since yesterday, i just can't. I don't know why. Lol so i figure how can i log into my blog acc. So taadaaaa~~ (nampak?  Bahagiaaaaaa!)

So nak cerita apa?  Okay i know,  blog ni memang sempoi sangat, bahasa rojak teruk.i did this for my future self, yg mungkin akan lupa password lagi dan lupa hidup aku terumbang ambing macam mana, how i struggle to write so formally and everything. So yeah, let's get start it! (kau nak ape? Parti? Heh)

Eh did you guys know that i went to korea? (of course not, unless you follow me on my instagram) btw, I did!!!!  Owww yeahh i love it the place and food and everything!  Okay i would make a new post about it later, InsyaAllah.  Okay tak nak janji, nanti so busy kononnya. Haha it was last year anyway XD

Tahun ni, kami kehilangan nenek tersayang pada 3februari2016. She suffered a lot after atok passed away, she was terribly miss him. She depressed. Kesian nenek selalu tanya kat kami atok dah balik ke? Pergi masjid ke? Tak balikt2 lagi ke? Rindu sangat kat atok sampai tak lalu makan and everything. Ya Allah, tempat kan lah nenek ku hajah Zainab binti Johar di kalangan orang yang beriman. Al fatihah.

Last but not least, kami dah ade kedai!  Warung dah completely demolished. Sedih but we have to move on lah kan? Dah setahun lebih, Alhamdulillah. Doakan perniagaan kami sukses dan kami tabah menempuhi dugaan. InsyaAllah.  Hihi

ingat nak post gambar sekali tapi macam cuak je nak setting. Hahaha. So till next time!

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