Monday, September 10, 2012

the box of life

hey everyone ! annyeonghaseyo ! :p

did all of you got enough time to miss me? hehe well, its me actually been missed my blog so badly. hello strangeyna's blog !!!!! I keep thinking about my past recently, and what am I doing now, it was different, I was different. people change and so do I. things change. and why I am not that person anymore? I was full of hope back then, now? I am just someone that just going to work and thats it,nothing else. I become anti-social for no reason. NO. because it's weird to not be anti-social okay. =.= i don't know, I just didn't get it.
my life is fine, of course. I got money to do this and that but what can I say,once you deal with money, you will never get enough of it. serious talk.
 and I am miserable !
and looking back at my life before, how much I am enjoy doing things that I like. it's not that i don't like it anymore , its just why am i not enjoying it ?! I met someone few days ago, she make me realize how far I'm changing. and that makes me feel annoyed by myself. I've changed to someone I never wanted to. nuffsaid
and I miss everyone. every single person ! yes.indeed

picture of us ! :) -raya 

and i hope i can make another change, for a better me. and I know I shouldn't be stuck all the time. there's still time for me to change everything :) my opinion on life.

it's not life is unfair but people who got more never tried to appreciate. thus, makes people who got less never get enough.-unknown

till then


LOCKED said...

tahniah. dah tua <333

farina said...

wakakakakka cisss