Thursday, April 14, 2011

simply simple update

okeyh! simple update for remaining myself alive.. XD
last friday 8th april 2011, meet up with game buddies, yes hs5! mostly 'legacies' and i should say 'ex legacies' actually LOL but the leader were there the main player of legacies too. having a blast meeting all of them, i tried to meet up with you guys, well eventhough some of the player weren't there but nevermind there's still time :) well that's a new thing too since that is my 1st time taking KTM to kepong central !! would be more after this. just wait n pray for it ! XD

standing from left : nekoChan, Irissa, icefox, Noobaby, CBY_9027, Nazry100
sitting from left : Cool_Boy, NAvi and unknown >,< (x kenal tu sape =,=!)
NoUvO90 taking the picture

yes that's the only picture to be display here in blog there's more at my FB XD

okay can't wait for May because i'm going to Kuching Sarawak XDD meet up with LOCKED my sayamm awww #69 and of course for vacation.. :)
i need a vacation~ nyanyi siap wkwkwk ~
and can't wait to see my masyam nyra as well... jom masyam jumpaaaaa!! XDD

p/s : amey sorry neko x reti buat tu star2 kat name navi tuu (>,<)

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LOCKED said...

cantek ! wawkoekwoekwkewo bila lah masa sa ! xD