Monday, April 4, 2011

achievement :)

24 of March 2011 the day my 1st baby were born.. teeeettt it's a NIKON D3100 everyone, it's been a years since i really really wish to have one and now it's like i'm fulfil my own dream, yes !
less talk lets just watch! this is my 1st try (not really).. i got my own volunteer model, yes ! it's my niece really love to put herself in a picture. SHE IS A CAMERA WHORE ! fullstop.
((((( please dont translate it in google translate, it sounds weird trust me ! )))))

mine :)
my great aunt. acu :)
lil sis lissa and my niece zaza :)
zaza :)
well yes, the camera whore :p
yeayyy!! :)
the view :)
my big bro ayen a.k.a asril :)
uzair :)
yes i'm cute ! :)

with her moms :) not me taking this picture but i love her smile here :)
nyum2~ my meal at noodle station :)
second nyum2~ :)
she probably too tired :) zaza, forgive me for this picture XD
before sleep -,- forcing me to take picture,so yeah there u go~ :)
yeaahh :)
yes depan over XD
midvalley :)

yes yes! there's more but for now this is it.. hungry while waiting this done XD
sometimes i just take out my baby from the bag and when i look front there's a little girl standing infront of me and saying 'senyummm' <------------thats mean she want me to take her picture XD

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