Friday, October 22, 2010

wish list part 1

Assalamualaikum readers~
peace be upon u ^^

since i made up my mind to make a wish list kindda entry so yea i'm here to make sure that happen, in case i forget.. ahah! thank god i have some little time for this.. well, there's a reason why i made up this, of course.. this is the 1st part since i can't make it complete for some reason.. and yea it will be the next part of this.. wait up n enjoy! :)

first!!! this is what i aim!
for a very long time but never had a chance to have it..hope i will have it one day.....

it's NIKON D90, i love photograph that's why.. ^___^

second!! if i got some extra money i want this

traveling!! and i like to go to...errmmmm

JAPAN!! amazing sophistication city ever!
CANADA!! it's attract me everytime i heard about it.. :)

PARIS!! the city of love.. this is for honeymoon..kuang3~
LONDON!! ahaha more likely to i want to ride on the ahah
last but not least.. the priority from all of the above.. i want to go to MEKKAH.. ^__^

to be continue.......... :p

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