Friday, August 20, 2010


hye there :)

everyone is talking about step up 3D! and hoooyeeaaahhhhh i want to watch that too.. cant wait.. step up always got something to keep attract me to watch it XD don't ask why i said 'cant wait'..yea cause i cant watch it now..duhh.. =,=

so anyone? on behalf? ahahaha okay..never mind,forget it..

anyway, i want to talk about someone,someone that really attract me in step up 2 and upcoming step up 3d, and yea he's cute and i like the style and most of all i love the hair.. awww XD
so, the actor i've been talking about is.........................
Adam G. Sevani!!

see, the hair.. :D and i love the way he dancing too.. :D

hubby,please don't be jealous and please keep your hair sayang... i love to look it be abit long.. :) i bet my hubby would be more more more cuter :D don't cut your hair k hubby... ^__^

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